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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Early morning snail and worm hunting

Lately Payton's been into looking for snails. When we are outside she wants to lift up rocks or dig in the dirt and see if we can find any. Now a couple of the neighbor kids come over to help us too if they see us out there digging.
One morning Payton woke me up and asked if we could go out looking before we headed to school. She and I bundled up, still in our pajamas, and headed outside. She didn't want to go back inside until we found THREE snails. Not worms. Snails. Thankfully we did. The whole time I was thinking, "it's cold out here and I'm standing in my front yard in my jammies." Truthfully I loved every second of our snail hunting on that early morning, but I was very thankful we found our snails sooner than later.
A week or two ago, I decided to take the camera outside with me while I was weeding our front beds. Here's a couple of snails we found as well as a worm.

Ick! Payton was excited though and that's what mattered.

The one on the right Payton named "Melissa". :)
Gracie digging for worms too!


One of my favorites in life has been watching this friendship and sisterly bond form between my two girls. I always wanted to have a sister. I feel so blessed to have two little girls that hopefully will continue to be close and will be great friends.

I am one lucky momma!


Gracie's such a Ham!


In April I started watching our friend's Jason and Nika's daughter, Kiley, on Thursdays. She's with us every week for one day, whether it be on a Thursday or an occasional Monday. The girls and I are very excited/happy to have her here. They all play so well together and it's fun watching the three of them grow together. I especially love when Gracie and Kiley have a conversation... I just wish I knew what they were saying.

My silly girls!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Bend and Snap

On Friday, March 12th, a few of my greatest friends and I went to Legally Blonde at the 5th Avenue Theater. We all met up at Purple in Seattle for dinner and drinks before heading to the show.
First, I LOVE Legally Blonde!
Second, I LOVE girls nights out!
Third, I LOVE being able to see Legally Blonde with some of the most FABULOUS girls around!!!!
Me, Elesha, and Tiffany
Maria, Natalie, and Molly

"Cheers to amazing friends!"

Love these girls! I had such an amazing time at dinner and at the show and every minute in between. It was a wonderful evening and I can't wait to do it again!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Little fish

Payton FINALLY started swimming lessons a week ago. We've been wanting to start her really learning to swim forever ago, but due to her sensitive skin we held off until it started to calm down more, but then one thing or another would come up and... well.. let's just say, we are just NOW starting her.
If Payton had it her way, she would spend 8 of her 12 waking hours in the bath and the other four chasing someone or being chased whilst taking a minute or two for a few snacks in between. That being said, she's very overdue for swimming lessons.

Gracie a little dip in a "puddle" that was on the ground near the hot tub. She so badly wanted to jump in the pool with her sister. It took a lot of restraint to keep her away from the deeper water, meaning deeper than the puddle.

When it was time for the lesson to be over, meltdown explosion took place! It was next to impossible to get her out of the swim center and to the car. I'm sure other mommas could hear the irritation in my voice as I was trying to get my wet squirmy daughter showered and dressed in the locker room without making a larger scene than the one that was already taking place by my little stubborn girl.
Since that exciting day, Payton now knows that after the lesson is over, she showers and heads home without a wrestling match. She's been so much better! Phew!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My little Valentine

Last Thursday Payton invited me to come to her class for a Valentine's day party. We got to sit in on circle time and hear about what they do during the day. All the kids had made their parents a Valentine. So sweet! While we were there we decorated cookies and had a snack together. I truly enjoyed myself and am so proud of what a good little girl Payton is.

Payton and Jordan showing us their Valentine's bag filled with goodies.

Me and my Valentine

Payton turns four!

On Tuesday, February 2nd, Payton turned four years old. She had celebrated with her friends on the Sunday before at Pump It Up, but on her birthday she got to celebrate with her friends at school and have dinner with her family.
Ready for school!

Payton took Rice Krispy Treats to school to share with her friends for snack. She was very excited to be able to have a spacial treat at school.

Daddy took at short day at work and when he came home, he brought her flowers for her birthday. So sweet! What girl doesn't like receiving flowers?! What a wonderful daddy!
We asked Payton where she wanted to go to dinner for her birthday and she said Red Robin. done. We invited all all of our family. Sadly not everyone was able to come, but they were missed.

Daddy and his girls

Waiting for our table

Grammi and Gracie

Gracie giving "Red" pounds.

Auntie Rachael, Kaden, Trent, Payton and Kiley
Payton said she had a wonderful birthday! We still can't believe she's four..

Who wants KISSES?!

This would be Gracie's "kissy face"

How could you not want to kiss those lips??????

Payton's fourth birthday..

How could it be that Ryan and I are parents to a FOUR year old? Where has the time gone? How has she gotten so big so fast? How do we have such a wonderful, caring, sweet, sensitive, FOUR year old girl???

February 2nd, Payton turned four years old. I can't believe it's already been a year since her third birthday.

On January 31st we celebrated Payton's fourth birthday at Pump It Up in Lynnwood with all of her close friends. It was great to be able to ask Payton what kind of party she wanted and where.. Princess and at Pump it Up. Done!

Our birthday girl.

Mia sliding down the slide

Me and Gracie

The line up..

Gracie, Me and Hilary

Crew and Elesha

Emily and Livy

Mia holding Graice and Cedrick


Hilary holding Charlie, Kelsie holding Levi, Elesha holding Crew, Me holding Gracie and Jack sitting next to me.

All of the kids!
In front (l-r): Allie, Austin B., Livy behind Jordan, Taylor, Maddie, Kaden, Ryan turned around, Caitlin, Jack, Austin P. Hudson holding Charlie, Payton holding Gracie, Trent behind Olivia, Neil and Kiley walking in the picture.
In the back: Mia, Cedrick sitting and Cassius standing in the back.
Starting to loose the kids..

Gracie and Kiley

Getting ready for cupcakes

Our family

Payton wanted Gracie to sit next to her.

Cinderella candle on Payton's cupcake.

Auntie Rachael helping with the cupcake

Kisses from Jack

Holding hands on the way home..
We all had a wonderful time at Payton's birthday party. Both girls were exhausted by the time we got home and took great naps! Payton's so lucky to have so many wonderful friends who were able to come and celebrate her special day.